San Francisco Management Group



General Information

San Francisco Management Group (SFMG) offers Business Management Consulting to service, wholesale, engineering, and manufacturing businesses. We specialize in business planning, change management and re-engineering, profit and expense control, financial analysis, systems management, personnel problems resolution, accounting and accounting systems, standard procedure documentation, and management training and advice.

SFMG typically assists Client firms experiencing organizational or strategic change decisions, issues of growth, and personnel management issues. SFMG has assisted both start-ups (if funded) and turn-around situations, on a selective basis.

SFMG thoroughly analyzes a company's present and future operating needs, develops an action plan for approval, and implements the approved plan to client satisfaction. Clients have reported a reduction in personnel problems, more effective management time, improved productivity, and significant financial savings.


Planning (Strategic, Business, and Financial)

In addition to Strategic planning, SFMG assists the client management team in executing a comprehensive 3 to 5 year business plan. Business plan work includes: marketing and sales analysis, product/service evaluation, organizational effectiveness (productivity), management strengths and weaknesses, business information needs, and financial requirements (present and future).

SFMG also assists family-owned businesses in transition planning from one generation to the next. Only one in four family businesses make it to the next generation without such planning.

Change Management

As a company and its environment changes, new demands are placed on both management and the organizational structure. SFMG evaluates the organizational structure as perceived by both management and employees. Working with management, SFMG will then make appropriate recommendations and assist in approved implementation to bring the organization into alignment with the current business environment. The result is improved employee morale and increased productivity.

Productivity Assessment / Enhancement

Even if a company is profitable, productivity can still be declining. SFMG can analyze a client's operation to determine if the client is realizing their organizational potential. If not, SFMG will lay out a series of concrete steps to be taken to bolster the company's productivity which might include profit and expense controls, work flow streamlining, equipment upgrades, organizational changes, or personnel training. SFMG consultants are very "hands on" in implementing approved solutions to assure client satisfaction.

Systems Management

SFMG will work with a client as the project manager to assist the client in upgrading its computer, networking, and software systems including purchases of appropriate hardware and software, installation, coding, wiring, and training. SFMG works with outside, highly skilled associates to both facilitate and maintain such system upgrades for clients.

Accounting Organization

SFMG works with clients to resolve client financial organizational needs, including setting up or upgrading accounting systems, training accounting personnel, and serving as a temporary or interim CFO as needed. One of SFMG's principals is a highly skilled and trained former CFO of several major U.S. and International firms.

Conflict Resolution / Succession Planning

SFMG will work with the conflicting parties (typically owners/family members/ managers) to first create a calm climate for discussion and to then develop an acceptable resolution in a professional, unbiased atmosphere. SFMG has been very successful in this type of work. SFMG also assists family owned businesses develop a plan of succession in an organized, professional, and timely manner.


SFMG assists clients in development, writing, and visual presentation of the company Mission Statement, Standards and Procedures, Employee Job Descriptions, and any other client desired business documentation or communication.

Management Advice

Editorial Reviews and Issue Clarification

Other Services

Negotiations and Facilitations

My financial statements didn't make sense to me before Mr. Lansing reorganized their format, information gathering, and breakout.

Now I know each month exactly how each area of my operation is performing, and can make corrections for their control accordingly.

That control has saved me time and money.

-- Michael Bardon, President,
General Grinding Inc.,
Oakland, CA